About the Artist

Jane Matwijecky, Associate at Artists’ Showplace Gallery, says that she knew her calling in life at a very early age.

“I feel that God put into my DNA an artistic gene. To satisfy this calling, I felt compelled to create. In the beginning, I created for myself and for others, in order to earn a living.

Later, I began to merge my artistic ability with my spiritual growth, seeking to glorify God in my work. I began to know, understand and love the Source of my inspiration. I wanted to honor Him.”

Jane Matwijecky was blessed to always live in geographic areas that had thriving artistic communities. She received a B A in Art History and later a Masters in Costume Design from the Universities of Victoria, B.C. and Washington respectively.

Jane designed and built costumes for repertoire and then accepted a job in Ottawa Ontario, Canada with the federal government as Curator of Eskimo Art. Later she worked as a Fashion Designer in Vancouver, B.C. Jane retired from the commercial working world to be a creative homemaker and mother.

“My artistic ability continued to express itself in gardening, cooking, sewing and other tasks.”

When that period of her life ended, Jane Matwjecky decided to pursue painting with a passion, always mindful of the source of her creative abilities.

“My art flows from my strong belief in God and his Son Jesus. The purpose of my art is to bring glory to Him, using the Bible as inspiration, and water-based media as a tool of communication.

Just as God is the Creator of the universe, He created me in His image. I believe that God called and gifted me to bring Him glory, through the artistic process.”

Jane Matwijecky explains that this calling was first seen in the book of Exodus:30 in the Bible. God gave Moses the plans for the tabernacle, but not the gifting or the talent. He reserved that for Bezalel and Oholiab.

“God specifically said that He filled them with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship. The overall design was to be an earthly replica of God’s heavenly house. What an assignment!

They succeeded because God called them, gifting them for that very purpose.

Since God is the same today as He was then, I can assume His ways are the same. Therefore I embrace my calling as an artist and diligently try to bring honor and glory to Him through my work.”

Jane Matwijecky feels that she has a tremendous opportunity to communicate goodness, truth and beauty through her art.

“Gifting and passion are not enough”,she says, “We must do our part. God demands that we have a submissive, broken spirit and a contrite heart. In addition, we must have a strong work ethic. When we constantly abide in His word, ideas flow, transformed into colors and symbols that tell of His great love for us.”